“0 Bugs” Policy

Session type: Practical talk, 45 min

Speaker: Gal Zellermayer

Target Audience: Everyone without a 0 bug policy

How many bugs do you manage? 50? 200? 2000?

Maybe you cannot even tell what the exact number is, because it keeps changing.

I know exactly how many bugs we have in our product – zero. How much time do you spend in bug triage meetings and on bug management (moving them around from version to version)?

I spend half an hour once a month. And I never see the same bug more than once.

Often, we wonder how should we handle bugs when working in scrum/agile? The answer is 0 bugs policy. It is based on our experience in several of the scrum teams in VMware Israel.

The talk is a manifest that describes what is the 0 bugs policy and why it is the only way to go.

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