5 Whys Challenge: Eviatar Shafrir

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What is a team composed of?

Scrum defines the product owner, the scrum master and “the team”. Initially, “the team” were developers. Today, testers are part of the team. But more and more we see other roles going into what a team consists of.

For example, designers and UX professionals. For teams working with user interfaces, you know what I’m talking about. Countless iterations of changes to the UI, ripples in development and testing, and “the customer will never do that” conversations.

It might be hard to incorporate them into “the team”, but these roles matter. A lot. If you want to learn why, why not come to the “Design Thinking” workshop, that is co-presented by today’s challenger Eviatar Shafrir, an actual designer in an actual agile team.

Let’s see what Eviatar has to say:
  • Why should people come to the conference?
The conference is a workout opportunity for your thinking muscles and team skills. And yes, you need the practice. Yep!
  • Why should people come to my session?
Our session is the only one in the conference where you’ll get to sketch with pencils, run around with post-it notes, interview and learn with others, and actually create something new with nothing less than the power of your own thinking. Amazing!
  • Why did I choose this topic?
My other option was to stay in the corporate office and attend mandatory information security training. Eh, oui. Stories go well with stargazing. I expect a bonfire, marshmallows, baked potatoes, and kumbaya. Om!
  • Why is the word for a fear of long words, hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia, so long?
Because the author coined the word while trying to outrun a hippopotamus. Did you know that hippopotami are reputed to cause more human deaths than any other large animal in Africa? De vero!

A designer and multi-lingual! Surprises galore! (see what I did there?).

Anyway, Eviatar is right, the Design Thinking workshop looks awesome, and it’s not just for product people.

All you need to do to get in, is a word from me to the bouncer.

So register.  

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