5 Whys Challenge: Kasia Mrowca

kasiaMrowcaIt’s coming! Can you feel the excitement?

I do. And you know why? It’s because it’s an Agile Practitioners conference. And when you practice it, a lots of questions come up. Questions that can be answered by people’s experience.

Kasia Mrowca‘s talk is a good example. When teams start praciticing scrum or any agile methodology, the move to working on User Stories. That is, how the user is using our software.

But what about the technical stuff that the user doesn’t see? For example, performance. Or refactoring the code. How do we fit those into the backlog?

Kasia’s “Technical user stories” tries to answer those questions. I’m sure this will be helpful to lots of developers and prodcut owners.

But not as helpful as the answers to the 5 Whys Challenge. Heeeeeere’s Kasia!
  • Why should people come to the conference?
To enjoy excellent talks and take opportunity to chat with people about their Agile experience.
  • Why should people come to my session?
Technical requirements are a challenge. Have you seen user stories like: As a user I want to log in to be logged in? Yes, they make no sense and give no insight… but how to make them better? Check out my talk and take the inspiration to deal with your non-functionals!
  • Why did I choose this topic?
I work mainly in projects with no UI (engines, integrations etc.) and I noticed that being ‘agile’ in this world is not straightforward. I want to share my experience in dealing with the non-functional requirements.
  • Why am I looking forward for everyone’s sessions?
I want to see all the sessions because they for certain will be inspiring!
  • Why is the word for a fear of long words, hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia, so long?
Wow, didn’t know that a word like that exists! It’s long to frighten people with the fear even more!

It is scary. But not unlike that user story that Kasia described.

Want to be better at user stories?

Go register!

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