5 Whys Challenge: Jan Jaap Cannegieter

Jan Jaap

We’re starting the road to Agile Practitioners 2017 (which you should register to now), and we’re beginning it with Jan Jaap.

Jan Jaap has a very interesting story. He was a manager for many years.

Then agile came. And I know, we all like agile, we’re excited about sticky notes, and can’t wait to do retrospectives 5 times a week.

But that wan’t how he saw it. He saw it as him, a manager, becoming redundant in a world of self organizing teams. He had to change – role, position, mind set. And he did.

And what did he learn, you ask?

Well, you can find out in his talk “Violating scrum – How far can you go?“. Believe me – I can go far. Like the moon. But what about you?

Here are the questions and Jan Jaap’s answers:


  • Why should people come to the conference?

You need to de-focus from you work every now and then and see what others have to say about what we do. For me conferences are the food that makes me grow mentally.

  • Why should people come to my session?

Because I want to have their opinion! I did a very tough assignment in which I altered Scrum in the organization. But was this the best job I could have done? Did I make the right choices? And was changing and adding some things to Scrum, not violating Scrum? It is up to the delegates to decide.

  • Why did I choose this topic?

Because I really spent a lot of thinking how to do this assignment. And I’m behind every decision but not satisfied with the outcome. So I need more people to think with me.

  • Which session are you looking forward to?

I haven’t studied the program yet so I have no idea. So let me give a save answer: the speakers dinner! I hope it will be Israeli food!

  • Why is the third hand on the watch called the second hand?

I think I have you to remind the wise words Yoda said in the attached picture (In case you don’t know what I mean with stuff: I lived in Amsterdam a long time).

Well. Yoda’s words always go over my head.

But it’s time for you to register. Go NOW!.


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