5 Whys Challenge: Ralph van Roosmalen

Ralph van Roosmalen

Before you read this, please know: The conference is almost here. January is closer than you think. You should register today.

You’ve probably been thinking: Should I just go for just one conference day? As cool as it may seem, there’s also the Workshop day. And Our guest this time is Ralph van Roosmalen who’ll do a Management 3.0 workshop. Plus, Ralph is also doing a mini-worshop as part of conference day, called “Let’s be a better manager by playing!“.

How cool is that?

Let’s see what Ralph has to say about the number 5 and the question Why:

  • Why should people come to the conference?
When I just started my career, my manager told me: “Ralph, you need to grow your network.” I was a developer and I thought, no way. I don’t want to go there, but I gave him the benefit of doubt. Oh my god, looking back; how happy I am I followed his advice. Several reasons but the most important reason is that visiting conferences made me, in the end, a better professional. Meeting new people, listing to experience stories, having fun, drinking a beer in the evening. So why come to this conference? It will make you a better professional.
  • Why should people come to my session?
Management is considered to be boring. Many theories, boring slides, no clue how to apply the theory. In this mini-workshop you will experience that management can be fun, colorful and pragmatic. I promise that all the games we play can be applied directly next day at work.
  • Why did I choose this topic?
Duh… I just love Management 3.0. Visit my session and you will understand why. I am looking forward to attend the session SAY IT WITH A PICTURE. The reason is that I believe my drawings still need a  lot of words to explain the drawings 😉
  • Why is the third hand on the watch called the second hand?
Probably because they talked about this problem in the pub, after drinking too many beers?

Ah – Beer, my favorite driven-development flavor. And now that you’ve got a taste for that Management 3.0 stuff, maybe get in a workshop as well?

No time like the present.

Register now.

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