5 Whys Challenge – Anat Alon

One of the new voices this year at the conference is Anat. Her topic is quite a mouthful: she’s going to talk about “NLP – A tool to drive change” (that’s Neuro Linguistic Programming). Apart from being sounding heavy (which it is, it’s a huge science topic) it also relates directly to a problem we have daily: How to drive change by influencing others.

No it’s not mind control, and It’s not magic, but it is powerful tool to have because it allows to help people understand situations and problems, and for our purpose, lead without authority. In fact what do we need to do, in order to help others improve.

Sounds interesting already? Told you we have a great program. But until then, let’s see what Anat has to say about our 5 Why Challenge.

  • Why should people come to the conference?

Because they are looking for new “Aha” moments. An “Aha” moment is a moment you have when know you have learned something new. It probably won’t change your life, but you know it is going to improve something in your day to day.
In this conference, with the following speakers – I am sure there are going to be many “Aha” moments.

Agile is about people. Every now and then we wish we could change someone – not everything about them , just that little thing.. or in other words – we wish to influence people.
NLP – Nero Linguistic Programming – is the art of helping others change by changing yourself.
For those who never heard about NLP (it is the new buzzword) this is the chance. In this session people will have the opportunity to understand what NLP is and practice it on one of their day to day issues with one technique.

  • Why did I choose this topic?

To be agile is a state of mind. During my work as an agile coach, I wanted to get a deeper understanding on how our state of mind and brain works. This is why I decided to learn NLP.
Since then, almost every new skill and technique I had learned there I could use as a tool to help people to deal with some day to day issues.
I think this subject is new to most people and the session will probably create some great Aha moments đŸ™‚

I was looking forward to “Say it with a picture” with Stuart which I probably will not take part in because I have to speak at the same time đŸ™‚
The session of Will Evans‘ about LeanUX and Dana Pylayeva‘s  about DevOPS, chocolate and gamification sessions sound awesome – it is going to be hard to choose between those two.

  • Why is the third hand on the watch called the second hand??

Leave the third hand, it’s gone. Forget about it.

Well, sometimes we need all the hands we can get. So please give a hand to Anat, it is her first conference talk after all.

Don’t miss it, register now.

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