5 Whys Challenge – Uri Nativ

Every year we’re trying a whole bunch of new stuff at the conference. Here’s one we haven’t tried before: An Israeli keynote speaker. 

But if we’re making this kind of an effort, let’s make it a good one. Uri Nativ is a great speaker, and comes from our agile world. And for his keynote, he’s going to stick with our “Let’s play agile” theme. It’s called “PlayWare – What playing games has taught me about building software“.

Let’s see:

Playing – check.

Learning – check.

Building software – check.

Yeah, I think we made a great choice. Let’s see what Uri has to say for our 5 Whys Challenge.

  • Why should people come to the conference?

The food. Yes. Definitely the food.

I’m kicking off the day. If they arrive later, they’ll miss the amazing breakfast.

  • Why did I choose this topic?

Games! I just love playing games, so I’ve found a creative way to combine work and pleasure.

I’m a true believer of influencing without authority and would like to understand how that can finally help me to influence my kids at home.

  • Why is the third hand on the watch called the second hand??

Array indexes start at 0
hand[0] = hours
hand[1] = min
hand[2] = seconds

That “off by one” thing seems to be the taking over as the main reason. We’ll do the counting at the end, when the dealing’s done, as the song says.

However, if you want to hear Uri speaking, enjoy the great food, and learn how to influence your children, there is only one choice.

Register now and come to the conference!

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