5 Whys Challenge – Ori Bendet

Sometimes you have such an experience at the conference, you need to double the effort.

Ori was here last year, and this time he’s giving both a session “Becoming the MVP of your MVP” and a lightning talk “Agile lessons to learn from Star Wars“. Well, if MVPs were not interesting to me (and they are), come on, Star Wars? 

I’m in. In fact, we should have a Star Wars talk every year. Maybe more than one.  Double your pleasure, double your talks. Or something like that.

Let’s see what Ori has to say in our 5 Whys Challenge.

  • Why should people come to the conference?

This is a world-class conference that is located just a drive away. You can learn from top speakers and thought leaders and also get a day off that horrible desk at your day-job. BTW this is my 2nd time lecturing in this conference so it must be a good one.

  •  Why should people come to my sessions?

I actually have 2 session – the 1st one is about my experience from  building a new enterprise product using Lean Startup (or as we like to call it “Lean-Enterprise”) and all the tips and tricks of the year-long journey.

The 2nd session is pure fun. I’m talking about Agile lessons to learn from Star Wars and I promise to come dressed as a Jedi. This alone should be enough for you to come to this session.  

  •  Why did I choose this topic?

Both topics have been a major part of my life – developing software and Star Wars

Because I believe that acting is all part of the game and this is something special in a technology conference having someone from another industry give a lecture.

  •  Why is the third hand on the watch called the second hand??

Google said that because it measured the secondary minute divisions of the hour so it must be right.

Well I’m not going to argue with Google. Not at this time anyway, I choose my battles carefully. 

While I’m planning ahead, why don’t you go and register? You should do it now.


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