5 Whys Challenge – Dana Pylayeva

We’re inching closer to the conference, and I feel the excitement all the way from the US. That’s right, we’ve got 3 guest from the US this time, one of those is Dana. And Dana is not coming empty handed. If everything goes right, and Dana goes through customs without a hitch, she’s bringing Legos and chocolate.

You’re already interested, I know. 

Dana’s workshop is called “Gamifying DevOps with Lego and chocolate game“. So you also get DevOps and Gamification for the same price. 

Now everybody’s interested. Unfortunately the workshops (not just Dana’s) are limited in their capacity so you want to get there first if you want in.

But until then, Dana, what do you say about a short 5 Whys Challenge?

  • Why should people come to the conference?

This one is a no-brainer – Agile Practitioner 2017 is where all cool agile people meet! Get ready to be blown away by the new ideas and brave experiments. Play games, improv, meet, learn and share your own stories.

  • Why should people come to my workshop?

This is a learn-by-playing session. It will engage their 5 senses and transport them into a magic circle of a role playing game. They’ll play with LEGO, fight with hackers, build unicorns and dragons, eat chocolate and train their muscle memory in preparation for a real DevOps adoption challenge back at home.

  • Why did I choose this topic?

Once upon a time, a senior developer was offered a nice promotion – a DBA manager job. The moment she said yes, a wind of change had lifted her and threw her over the wall into “the other side” – the Operations World. This was a scary place full of emergencies and pagers – The SleepNeverEver Land.

Many sleepless worriers lived there, they helped her to survive. Until one day, when a magic book appeared in her hands – “The Phoenix project”.  This book transformed her world and helped her see that unicorns are real!

The “Lego and Chocolate” game was built as an attempt to share pain & wisdom and arm the uninitiated for their own DevOps quest.

There are so many great session! I am experimenting with cloning myself.  In case that doesn’t work out, I am looking forward to Shunit Metz “TEAM WORK AGREEMENT – WIIFU?”

Curious to hear about the evolution of the work agreement in a team life cycle and the funny stories, of course!

  • Why is the third hand on the watch called the second hand??

Oh, it is a sad story. “Second Hand” was a waterfall project. It was scheduled to be delivered before the “Minute Hand” project, but “Minute Hand” went agile. Good for Minute Hand, bad for Second Hand. Don’t be like Second Hand, be Agile!

Ok, I missed the dragons and unicorns part. They might be also an incentive to come.

There really isn’t much time left, it’s time to register!

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