5 Whys Challenge – Ofer Erez

Almost there! The conference is just days away. But we got a last message for you: change is upon us. 
Organizations that understand that will act on this change. Others react. And if you want to be on the first side, maybe you should come to Ofer Erez‘s talk on “Teal organizations“.
But since we’re running out of time (literally), here’s Ofer’s 5 Whys Challenge.
  • Why should people come to the conference? 
Open their mind on Agility and have lots of fun!
  • Why should people come to my session? 
Upgrade the way we think on organizations structures, management and strategies 
  • Why did I choose this topic? 
The way we manage organizations seems out of date. Deep inside, we sense it, 
More we sense, that each one of us can do more in his daily work/life. 
In my session I’ll try to cover the evolutionary approach of Teal Organizations, that aims to “crack the code”, and show how it is being done.
I’m keen to learn on “active listening and accept and build on each other’s ideas”, seems to me the essence of people collaboration
  • Why is the third hand on the watch called the second hand??
By Professor “Google” 🙂 – it measured the secondary minute divisions of the hour.
And the clock is telling us it’s almost time to get to the conference. Have you registered?

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