Agile lessons to learn from Star Wars

Speaker: Ori Bendet

Session: 5 Min. Play Story

We all love Star Wars. But when it comes to software development and agile, the entertainment value of Star Wars is not its only redeeming value. Star Wars teaches us a lot about leadership styles and software management for agile as well and offers us many valuable lessons that we can use and practice today.

As a Jedi in the making and an expert with five years of QA and three years of QA management experience, I find that Star Wars and its culture are topics that continue to pop up in the various forums I attend. In honor of Star Wars Day (May the Fourth), here are five software management lessons that we can learn from Star Wars, to help you be more prepared and organized in a quickly evolving, agile world.

If accepted, I promise to come dressed up as a Jedi 🙂

1. Testing is everything

2. Potential is only the beginning

3. Learn from your failures

4. It’s better to deliver bad news than surprises

5. Do or do not (done or done not)

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