Becoming an MVP of your MVP

Speaker: Ori Bendet

Session: 45 Min. Talk

Lessons learned from defining, developing and releasing a real world MVP

Everything started when I switch roles from a QA Manager into an Inbound Product Manager. Coming from a testing background I moved into becoming responsible for a new cloud testing offering. We started from finding the current problems that our 8K customers have. We then moved into defining a unique value proposition and a high level plan. Then we moved into “validating-the-shit” out of the solution and moved over to defining the MVP.
After we approved the high-level plan, we moved into the details and broke the MVP into small features and gave working estimations.

Then we started developing. And developed. And developed. After a while we decided that it is time to start working with our customers and started a design partner program (DDD – Demo-driven-development).
Along the way, we got all sorts of restrictions and limitations from our organization and resources problems and other unplanned items.

We constantly asked the hard questions on the MVP and kept reducing and changing it along the way.

In each of the stages, we learned valuable lessons that I’d like to share with the audience.

Some of the lessons include:

• The concept of “validating-the-shit” outta your MVP

• DDD – Demo Driven Development

• How to overcome the DEV-UX challenge

And many many more!

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