Partner with APIL

“Agile Practitioners” (APIL) is an Agile conference situated in Israel. it is a forum for presentation, debate and study of information technology and agile methods, organized as a two day conference with lectures, workshops and lightning talks of high quality. APIL is aimed at software developers, managers, testers, designers, architects, Agile experts and other industry professionals. APIL focuses on People & Culture, Process & Quality, Practices and craftsmanship and creating a space for professional networking and sharing. In order to organize the event we need to raise money from partners. All partners recieve recognition of their help, recognition type is depending on the partnership level. We have two models: “APIL partner” and “APIL contributor”.

“APIL partners” and “APIL contributors” get:

  • Logo on printed materials, such as the program, flyers, etc.
  • Logo on the conference website
  • Use the APIL Conference’s logo in their marketing

In addition, “APIL partners” get:

  • Have a roll-up banner displayed in the conference area.
  • Permission to set up a booth in the conference area.
  • Two tickets to the conference and one seat at the speakers dinner.
  • Partners may supply marketing material/job offers/giveaways in the bags that are handed out to to participants upon registration.


The APIL partner package price is 5000 ILS + VAT. The APIL contributor package price is up to the contributor Please send an e-mail to if you want to know more about partnering with APIL.

Where does the money go?

  • Improve Audio \ Video vendor and equipment.
  • Improve catering service \ coffee and other perks.
  • Photography and video recording of the event, possibly having all content available online.
  • Allocate budget for more international speakers and high quality experts.
  • Increase number of tracks and content.
  • Organizing a conference Gala evening or other social event.
  • Other ideas that the organizers come up with in order to improve the experience for the participants.

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