Fostering diversity and inclusion in agile teams

Speaker: Cat Swetel
Session: 90 Min. Workshop

We have a great team. Team that have a self-leading ability , team with a standing commitment and meet the timeline. Team with great quality.

The Question – Do they need us (managers and HR Business Partner)? in the real world the perfect team it is not always reality.

It’s our job to make the dream become a reality. So we must worth with the team

In this workshop we will think together how we can do it. we will do it with with my experience. But also an experience composition of the all workshop participants.

I will bring my experience. Working by more than 70 development teams team leader , development managers and HRBP

This workshop will inspire our thinking of all of us forward

The workshop will split to two parts

Basic Models for HRBP and managers
  • Employee onboarding process , the 4 steps: Recruitment , The first month , long term and going forward
  • The Team lifecycle overview as a matrix of self-leading and learning

Role-playing and brainstorming: In the main part, we will have role playing, The goal of the workshop all participants will take part in the games
  • Employee Recruitment interview
  • Effective feedback
  • Moving the team from chaos state
  • How to help build good retrospective
  • How to provide the “next step” thinking
  • How to get how real “feeling” form the team
  • Dealing with deadlines

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