Gamifying DevOps with Lego and Chocolate Game

Speaker: Dana Pylayeva
Session: 90 Min. Workshop

Join this workshop and experience a DevOps transformation in the most unusual way – with Lego and Chocolate game.This role-based simulation feels so real – it will give you flashbacks to your own product development challenges! Join this session to experiment with optimizing a flow of work through the entire organization.
Visualize negative effects of long sprints, deferred deployments and learn to overcome your challenges by embracing DevOps culture.

This workshop is inspired by ideas from “The Phoenix Project” and designed to engage all five senses to maximize learning effectiveness. The workshop has been facilitated at a number of conferences (including Agile2015, Scrum Gathering Prague 2015, Agile and Beyond 2016).
The version submitted in this proposal builds on the feedback from previous runs and introduces elements of “Training from the back of the room” framework.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Understand and learn to address a traditional misalignment of goals of the 3 major groups in product development (business – ever-changing demands, development – focus on delivery, operations – focus on stability).
2. Experiment with decoupling of a Sprint (as a planning unit) from a Release (as a deployment unit) by minimizing the batch sizes, increasing frequency of releases, amplifying feedback loop and moving away from cyclical delivery towards continuous flow of value.
3. Understand how widening individual skills and working together with Operations and Security members can have a positive impact on the team’s ability to eliminate the constraints and pursue the improvement of the overall process.

(2 min) DevOps – Turn and Talk (participants will connect with their neighbors and tell them what they already know about DevOps)
(3 min) Introduction and problem statement
(10 min) – Game setup
(15 min) Game Iteration 1. Goal: Expose the bottlenecks created by organizational silos, infrequent releases, large story size and delayed customers feedback
(5 min) – Debrief: Share your observations. What will you improve for the next iteration?
(15 min) Game Iteration 2. Goal: Expose the chaos created by delayed deployments and team inability to respond faster to hacker attack. Demonstrate how improvements to non-constrained areas have no impact on overall flow of work through organization.
(5 min) – Debrief: Share your observations. Why did your improvements fail?
(10 min) – Why and How can DevOps help. – Talk
(15 min) – Game Sprint 3. Introduce the DevOps practices. Each member of the Scrum teams will be asked to find a partner from the operations team and cross-train each other, expand their skills and make Ops a part of the Scrum team. Team will reduce the batch sizes and simulate continuous delivery.
(3 min) Write your Aha! moments
(8 min) Aha! Moment group sharing

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