How to Create a Space of Trust

Session type: 90 minute interactive workshop, English

Speakers: Olaf Lewitz

Read Olaf’s description and capture of this workshop here

Target audience:  People with trust issues

Trust is a subjective quality of a situation. It’s messy, situational and contextual. How can we make sense of it? How can we improve it? And: what impact would that have?

Take away practical answers to these questions. Learn how to invite, to make room for real options here and now.

Olaf boldly labeled himself the Trust Artist three years ago, starting a journey of curious discovery while helping to increase trust and confidence in people and systems. Now he’s ready to share what he’s learned.

Integrating common sense, neurobiology and complexity science, experience how to work with trust. How to invite and welcome people into a trusted space, with acceptance and compassion, to make creativity possible.

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