How to manage an agile project with a non-agile customer

Speaker: Eyal Negev

Session: 15 Min. Lightning Talk

So you need to develop a new product for a new customer.


  • The uncertainties and risks are high since it is based on new advanced technologies which R&D are not yet familiar with.
  • Your team does not have experience delivering such  large scale products.
  • You don’t know in advance what is the right way to build the most valuable product, per customer needs.

But don’t worry, you are running an agile project.


One thing though –

Your customer doesn’t work in agile and she expects:

  • The scope of the product and its features to be defined in advance.
  • The timeline to be communicated in advance, including what features will be delivered and when.
  • Basically she wants a typical yearly waterfall detail plan.


Oh no!

What should I do?

So, I did it, survived and lived to share my best practices with you.

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