Let’s be a better manager by playing!

Speaker: Ralph van Roosmalen

Session: 90 Min. Workshop

Management books in general are boring and too many words. It doesn’t have to be like that! In this Workshop we are going to look at three colorful and playful management games:

– Moving Motivators, learn how to discover what motivates your team;

– Delegation Poker, what is agile delegation and how can you implement delegation;

– Change Game, change is scary… so how can you change a complex system;

The practices are from Management 3.0 and we shortly look at the theory but move quickly to the game part. The audience will decide on the order of the topics.

In this workshop we will look at three different topics from Management 3.0. We will look at:

– Motivators, you can’t (technically) motivate other people, but you can create an environment where they will be motivated. How do you know what motivates them?

– Delegation, what is delegation and how can you implement delegation?

Get to know people, more and more we work in a distributed teams, and in my opinion this is OK as long as you have a good relationship with your team members. How do you get to know your team members?

– Change Management, many things you do as manager, lead, senior person are related to change. Change is scary… so how can you change a complex system?

The audience will use dot voting to decide on the order of topics. We probably can’t do all three so we need to set a priority.

General Agenda

10 minutes – Welcome everyone and What is Management 3.0?

75 minutes – Workshop

5 minutes – Debrief/Closing

Moving Motivators 30 minutes

10 minutes – Explain Motivators and why people should care about motivation

5 minutes – Explain the Moving Motivators game and set up the groups

15 minutes – People play the game

Delegation Poker – 30 minutes

15 minutes – Explain why you should delegate, what is delegation. Explain the seven levels f delegation, and the delegation board

15 minutes – People will work in groups. Decide on their key decisions areas and create their team delegation board

Change Game – 30 minutes

15 minutes – Discuss the different model for change management

15 minutes – People will play the Change game in small groups

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