NLP – A tool to drive change

Speaker:Anat Alon

Session: 45 Min. Talk

“The Scrum Master is responsible for ensuring Scrum is understood and enacted.” [quoted from the scrum guide]. So the SM need to ensure, in other words influence people – but the catch here is – the SM has no authority over the team or the PO. So how the hell he is going to do that.. Here is where NLP can help you.
NLP is the art of Help Others Change By Changing Yourself.

(10 mins) What is NLP? and representational systems

(5 mins) Rapport as trust base + association and disassociation

(15 mins) 5 base assumption of NLP – during this overview we will give an example for each of the assumptions from our own real life.

– The map is not the Territory. (The words we use are NOT the event or the item they represent.)

– It’s Not Failure, only Feedback

– The meaning of communication is the Response you get

– Everyone is doing the best they can with the resources they have available.

– Every behavior is motivated by a positive intent for the person itself

(20 mins) Three Perceptual Positions technique – the ability to move between:

– First Position (“self”)

– Second Position (“other”)

– Third Position (“Observer”)

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