Playing the Mikado

Speaker: Lior Friedman

Session: 45 Min. Talk

Continuous Integration (CI) is one of the most valued development practices. However CI is not just a build server compiling the source after each commit. Continuously Integrating your source means that every developer integrates his working code to a single main source line on a daily basis. However this is not easy. Working on a single source line without interrupting other developer is a skill that is hard to master. In fact, many organizations still think it is virtually impossible.

This highly interactive talk will demonstrate key techniques in making large groups of developers share a single source line, allowing them to share their ongoing work without interrupting the work cycle. We will learn the basic notion of the Mikado Method, and will see how one can leverage modern source control tools in order to perform major refactoring to a code base without wasting time in merging back and forth between different source stream.

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