Ofer Erez

Ofer Erez, Senior Agile Coach at Enterprise NICE, brings over 15 years of experience in Software Engineering.
Ofer has deep-vast knowledge in Agile and Lean including hands on implementations withing various organizations.
Ofer is highly experienced in Lean and Agile and Agile Software Engineering concepts together with continuous improvement establishment. Ofer is an Expert in the complete Lean House building blocks and an experienced Agile Coach for Senior Managers, Managerers, POs, ScMs, Developers and HR. Ofer is also a Design Thinking Coach.
Prior to NICE, Ofer worked at TenKod as Co-Founder and Director, SAP in Israel and SAP headquarters in Germany. In his last role in SAP headquarters Ofer became an Agile Expert. Ofer owned responsibility for Agile transformation and continuous improvement of various Software Engineering and Product organizations and teams throughout SAP corporate.

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