System validation in the age of continuous delivery

Speaker: Ken Egozi

Session: 45 Min. Talk

Presentation on Ken’s site

Our job is to build useful software for our customers. A useful thing works, is delivered on time, and continues working after delivery. So we should validate that it works, that it continues working, without compromising on delivery.

In the age of continuous delivery and agility, we keep changing the delivered software, potentially multiple times a day. How could we keep our promise to our customer?

We will explore mechanisms such as Canary testing, Monitors and Alarms , Synthetic transactions, Release management, Delta comparisons, and methodologies like Amazon GameDay and Google DiRT.

Idea is to build a vocabulary of useful tools for software validation, for keeping constantly-changing systems in working state.

Putting emphasis on where the human factor is the possible cause for failures, and how to test for it and mitigate it!

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