Team Work Agreement – WIIFU ?

Speaker: Shunit Metz

Session: 45 Min. Talk

The talk will be focusing on an Agile team’s work agreement (known also as shared values and team norms), and its relevancy to the team atmosphere and productivity.

Reviewing the essence of work agreement for a team – what its goal, how it can be achieved and maintained.
Shortly reviewing the phases a team goes through while forming, and comparing pre-mature team’s agreement – such as “be on time”, “update in the daily” etc.; to more mature teams that norm about trust, commitment passion etc.

The session will be followed with extent variety of Agile team’s work agreements examples.

Each participant can take from this session:

1 The importance of a team’s work agreement

2 The evolution of the work agreement in a team life cycle

It will be funny, and I cant tell you all the story already now…

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