The Empire Tests First – Making a Star Wars Movie with BDD

Session type: 45 minute workshop, Hebrew

Speaker: Gil Zilberfeld

Target audience: Star wars fans

Limited to 30 people

Special equipment: A laptop with these resources.

This workshop explains the basics of BDD/TDD without coding. Intended for testers, product people, and even developers.

Usually, we test after the code has been written. However, specifying requirements using tests, before the code is written has some advantages. Developers use Test Driven Development for better code, design and focus.

There’s no reason why others won’t use that as well.

Test-First is a great tool. It creates better understanding and productivity in the team. The result is high quality code – both in terms of early success in finding bugs and implementing features correctly. It just takes a little practice.

In this workshop, we’ll create our own Star Wars movie using Test First principles. We’ll start from requirements, identify pass/fail criteria, create the movie and refactor it. On the way, we’ll discuss what we’re doing, refine our specs, as well as see what changes in the design tell us.

No need to know how to code. Star Wars knowledge is preferable. The key thing is to understand better what the other side lives. Neither of us is on the Dark Side.

May the Force be with us!

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