The Spiderman Antidote to the anti-patterns of Agile Leaders

Session type: 90 minute interactive workshop, English

Speaker: Regina Martins

Target audience 

Limited to 50 people

People who are not new  to Agile and have been working in an Agile environment for about a year / enough time to  allow insight into leadership anti/patterns / their own and/or other people in their  environment.

Many leaders come into an Agile environment and feel threatened by a perceived loss of control. Successful Agile leaders empower the team and acknowledge that they can choose their own work and solve their own issues, pull themselves out of the detail and focus on supporting the team, know that if the team succeeds they do too, and are emotionally mature and are not constrained by ego. Leading in an Agile environment is all about mindset and understanding what motivates people. This interactive workshop will unpack the superhero archetypes of Agile leaders with their related Agile leadership anti-patterns.

The workshop covers:

  • The superhero archetypes of Agile leaders.
  • What are the related Agile leadership anti-patterns?
  • Discover the antidote to these anti-patterns.

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