The TDD Game You Never Played

Session type: 90 minute interactive workshop, Hebrew

Speaker: Lior Israel

Target audience: Not just developers

We are working to provide to our customers business value. So we take the Agile ‘thing’ and start to adopt the Agile way. One of the best way to provide business value is XDD (TDD, BDD, ATDD etc.) On the other hand when we are talking XDD’s for all other game player’s not only for developers!

I am going to show to all participants that TDD is for everyone. The presentation will be based on code examples.

The code samples will be create by the Participants via the “game play” way. In my day work as an architect I show how we can provide business value with quality in short feedback time. When I do this workshop with developers team the workshop take the team with the game play way up to understanding what is the power[full] the XDD way of working.

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