Who Are We?

For the 5th year in a row, the Agile Practitioners Conference is on its way!

It’s the biggest Israeli agile community event of the year. We’ve gone to the edges of the earth to get you the best speakers from Israel and the international stage.

Keynoting this year are, the world leading “trust artist” Olaf Lewitz and lean product superstar Melissa Perri.

The conference program this year covers topics from every aspect of agile: Product design and testing, development and coaching. We’re very proud of the pre-conference workshops, and feel they will jump-start your skill level.

If you looked at the program, you already know our theme this year: Hands-On Agility. We know that there’s no teacher like experience, and we’ve got many workshops and practical talks where attendees can experience, hear and see how agile activities are done in many successful organizations.

Wonderful stuff. And if you ask us, that’s not even the best part. It’s being and feeling part of the agile community. Exchanging ideas, learning and maybe trying things for the first time.

Together – as a community of professional agile practitioners.

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