World of ScrumCraft

Speakers: Almudena Rodriguez Pardo, Norma Acevdo Lopez

Session: 45 Min. Talk

Agile Scrum development is nothing new or extraordinary. But when putting a hundred professionals from related development and product areas all in the same Legion to develop a product, it becomes a challenge — a task we at Ericsson ICT Development Center Eurolab in Germany have tackled and conquered with the help of our ScrumCraft. We can proudly claim that we won in Azeroth the large-scale Scrum development battle!

Come and learn to play World of ScrumCraft!


We at Ericsson ICT Development Center Eurolab (Germany) started our journey to the World of ScrumCraft from the beginning of the Agile transformation.

And we made it there!

On the way to success we got the DevOpsCraft on the boat: DevOps is not just about Dev and Ops people, but also about the people responsible for the customer experience, often including product specialists and marketing people.

In our World of DevOpsCraft we broke the silos as key to success: Development, Operations and Sales work in harmony as one Legion.

In our interactive talk we want to go together with you through the challenges and practical experiences we faced
in our singular battle against the Burning Legion.

– How much communication and collaboration between the Human champions is needed?

– Breaking Silos between the Human champions to reach one Legion

– One single backlog for 100 fighters

– Risk management as the most important weapon to get rid of the Orcs

– The battleground of maintenance processes

– Customer on board to protect the kingdom.

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